Have you encountered a “Verification Failed” error while cruising through macOS Catalina? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Let’s dive into these uncharted waters and explore solutions together.

Here is what I have done to fix the problem: Verification Failed – An unknown error occurred

A wrong Keychain can restrict various services from logging in, including iCloud. Here is a method to decide if your Keychain is the problem of being unable to log in to iCloud.

Open your Console app (under Utilities)
In the search area, type “Login”
Press the Clear button.
Attempt to log in to your iCloud.
Note down the error messages. They may view something like this”
Error Domain=com.apple.accounts Code=13 UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=, NSUnderlyingError=0x7f*c10 {Error Domain=com.apple.accounts.keychain Code=-25295}}}}

Impart the error codes:

Error Domain=com.apple.accounts Code=13

This code can be associated with Keychain errors with an uncomplicated Google search

Error Domain=com.apple.accounts.keychain Code=-25295

This error code (and many others) can be explained at this link:


In this matter, 25295 is performed by pressing Command F and searching “25295”. The search determines the subsequent code:

Keychain Manager error codes

errKCInvalidKeychain = -25295

However, all signs are that the Keychain is corrupt, preventing services from logging in. In fact, by searching your personal Apple ID in the keychain to find login keys, you might try erasing Public keys. In doing so, MacOS will lose the ability to delete any corrupt key.

Verification Failed – An unknown error occurred. MAC Catalina


Open Terminal and Type the following commands

sudo -v ; killall -9 accountsd com.apple.iCloudHelper ; defaults delete MobileMeAccounts ; mkdir ~/Library/Accounts/Backup; mv ~/Library/Accounts/*.sqlite* ~/Library/Accounts/Backup/ ; killall -9 accountsd com.apple.iCloudHelper ; sudo reboot


  • Open Keychain Access.
  • Search for “IDS” in the search area in the top-right, then click the Keychain column to classify the items.
  • For Keychain “login,” delete all of the “IDS” parts that are the type of “application password”
  • Repeat the earlier two steps two more times, once for each of the preceding search terms: “FaceTime” and “com.apple.account”
  • Search for “iMessage” in the search field in the top-right. Remove all “iMessage Signing Key” and “iMessage Encryption Key”
  • Once finishing these steps, restart your Mac and try to sign in to iCloud.

Verification Failed - An unknown error occurred. MAC Catalina
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Verification Failed - An unknown error occurred. MAC Catalina
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