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Facebook Ads Manager Updates to Know in 2022

Facebook Ads are one of the most effective ways to reach and engage your target audience. The platform offers a variety of advertising options that allow businesses to tailor their ads based on their marketing objectives. Facebook Ads also constantly updates its features to give advertisers more control over how and where they spend their advertising budget. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the recent changes that have been rolled out recently and new updates for Facebook Ads. These changes are designed to make the platform easier for advertisers to use, provide more targeting options, and offer new ways for businesses to measure the success of their campaigns.

Instagram Reels Ads

The latest ad type on Instagram is reels. They join a long list of other ad places, which also include old feed posts, Stories, IGTV, Messenger, and the Explore tab. Back in April of 2021, Facebook began testing Reels for advertising in select countries (including the US, UK, Canada, and France as of last month). Then in June 2021 they officially released Reels ads to all advertisers across all countries. Since this feature no longer has any account-level minimum criteria for use, local accounts can also benefit from it.

Optimize text per person feature for ads

The ‘Optimize Text Per Person’ option, which Facebook is now bringing out. Facebook will dynamically rotate your caption, headline, or description when delivering your ad to a user based on what Facebook’s system determines they would most likely respond to. This behaviour is similar to Google’s Responsive Search Ads. The best thing about this new feature is how simple it is to set up with only a button toggle. Additionally, it is adaptable for accounts of all sizes, allowing both small businesses and big businesses to offer users a better ad experience. This basically raises the standard for A/B Facebook testing.

Reach New App Users with Automated App Ads

Here’s a change you need to be aware of if you want to promote an app on Facebook. Automated App Ads were introduced by Facebook in the fall of 2020. With the help of this function, app marketers may develop fully automated campaigns that are very performant. It makes use of machine learning to achieve this. Facebook’s usual Manual App Ads have been replaced by Automated App Ads.

Facebook Shops in WhatsApp and Marketplace

Click to Whatsapp advertising first launched in January 2018. An e-commerce company that creates a Shop account is given permission to display its products on Facebook’s shopping entities by default. Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are now included in this. Advertisers may now show up their complete Shop so visitors can browse the brand’s inventory while conversing with them directly about products. This is a fantastic chance for brands to develop closer relationships with their consumers.

Reviews available Instagram store

Reviews on Facebook company pages are something we are accustomed to. But there will also be a new integration of reviews in Instagram’s Shopping section starting in the summer of 2021. Instagram users will be able to publish images, videos, comments, and product ratings directly from the Instagram Shops platform. Instagram Shopping reviews enhance the purchasing process because they allow users to browse, purchase, and leave reviews of things without ever leaving the app. Even while it might seem like Facebook is the only one who gains from this, you also gain since more simple shopping leads to more online sales.


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WhatsApp Chat, Messenger & More- An All in One Social Chat App

It is being found that more than 67% of customers abandon their shopping carts most of the time on e-commerce websites without checking out. Most of the people who buy online want to clear any doubts regarding the product they are buying before making the purchase and they want to get answers from the owners instantly without leaving the website. An All in One Social Chat App support system will help in answering these questions and there buy you can ensure that the customer will make a positive buying decision.

Including a chat support system on your website can reduce cart abandonment, increase sales, and boost conversions. But the impact of it definitely depends on the software you are using for chat support. So you have to find a chat service that is easy to use, affordable, easy to integrate into your website, and has the features to increase your sales.

MAQ Computer Services LLC present you with an affordable all in one social chat app that helps you to integrate all major social media messaging apps with your store in simple steps with which you can easily interact with your customers.

What is the WhatsApp Chat, Messenger & More App?

It is an all in one social chat app that will help in integrating all major social media platforms into your e-commerce website. After installing the app, you can show different chat options to your website visitors to connect with you. The Social Chat App supports WhatsApp, Email, Call, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Line, We Chat, Snap Chat, Telegram, and Live Chat.

Why to Use the WhatsApp Chat, Messenger & More App?

In this modern era, almost all people use all kinds of chat apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger etc. and thus most of your customers would like to chat with you with apps they already use. So you by installing WhatsApp Chat, Messenger & More App will accomplish that and allow your customers to interact without leaving the website in a platform of their choice. It will be an extra boost to your sales.

Also, WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger etc. is very easy to install and customize without any coding or expert help. After installing the App, you can select your social media messaging apps and enter the account information, change the icon colours to match your website, position of the chat button.

Steps for the Installation of the WhatsApp Chat, Messenger & More App

Key Features of the WhatsApp Chat, Messenger & More App
  1. Easy to install and configure all the required social media chat accounts without any template change, coding or expert help.
  2. Can set up the app to show only on mobile/desktop devices or both.
  3. Single app for all major social media messaging apps like WhatsApp, Email, Call, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Line, We Chat, Snap Chat, Telegram and Live Chat.
  4. Help in interacting with your clients live through their social media chat accounts and thereby improving the sales.
  5. Can receive WhatsApp messages with the URL of the page that they are browsing. In the case of the product page, product URL, to give them better a solution faster.
  6. No code changes or code injection to the theme needed which may mess your theme your website.
  7. Able to Change the colours of chat icons using simple colour picker to match your store theme and colours.
  8. Can position the chat widget anywhere on the screen as you like and will be able to hide the widget on mobile and desktop devices.

Visit: https://apps.shopify.com/aio-chat and explore the app to see how it works and make your decision.