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Facebook Ads Manager Updates to Know in 2022

Facebook Ads are one of the most effective ways to reach and engage your target audience. The platform offers a variety of advertising options that allow businesses to tailor their ads based on their marketing objectives. Facebook Ads also constantly updates its features to give advertisers more control over how and where they spend their advertising budget. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the recent changes that have been rolled out recently and new updates for Facebook Ads. These changes are designed to make the platform easier for advertisers to use, provide more targeting options, and offer new ways for businesses to measure the success of their campaigns.

Instagram Reels Ads

The latest ad type on Instagram is reels. They join a long list of other ad places, which also include old feed posts, Stories, IGTV, Messenger, and the Explore tab. Back in April of 2021, Facebook began testing Reels for advertising in select countries (including the US, UK, Canada, and France as of last month). Then in June 2021 they officially released Reels ads to all advertisers across all countries. Since this feature no longer has any account-level minimum criteria for use, local accounts can also benefit from it.

Optimize text per person feature for ads

The ‘Optimize Text Per Person’ option, which Facebook is now bringing out. Facebook will dynamically rotate your caption, headline, or description when delivering your ad to a user based on what Facebook’s system determines they would most likely respond to. This behaviour is similar to Google’s Responsive Search Ads. The best thing about this new feature is how simple it is to set up with only a button toggle. Additionally, it is adaptable for accounts of all sizes, allowing both small businesses and big businesses to offer users a better ad experience. This basically raises the standard for A/B Facebook testing.

Reach New App Users with Automated App Ads

Here’s a change you need to be aware of if you want to promote an app on Facebook. Automated App Ads were introduced by Facebook in the fall of 2020. With the help of this function, app marketers may develop fully automated campaigns that are very performant. It makes use of machine learning to achieve this. Facebook’s usual Manual App Ads have been replaced by Automated App Ads.

Facebook Shops in WhatsApp and Marketplace

Click to Whatsapp advertising first launched in January 2018. An e-commerce company that creates a Shop account is given permission to display its products on Facebook’s shopping entities by default. Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are now included in this. Advertisers may now show up their complete Shop so visitors can browse the brand’s inventory while conversing with them directly about products. This is a fantastic chance for brands to develop closer relationships with their consumers.

Reviews available Instagram store

Reviews on Facebook company pages are something we are accustomed to. But there will also be a new integration of reviews in Instagram’s Shopping section starting in the summer of 2021. Instagram users will be able to publish images, videos, comments, and product ratings directly from the Instagram Shops platform. Instagram Shopping reviews enhance the purchasing process because they allow users to browse, purchase, and leave reviews of things without ever leaving the app. Even while it might seem like Facebook is the only one who gains from this, you also gain since more simple shopping leads to more online sales.


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Importance of Facebook Ads

Online advertising has exploded in its real potential over the last several years. There is a number of ways you have to market your product through online. In this world filled with several products, it is fully filled with the same requirements; one social media platform can help you stand about the rest. Facebook ads provide a platform for you to place a promotion or product offers in the news feeds of a targeted audience. The reason why people can click the Facebook ads because they have seen something interest and something got value from it.

Benefits of FB Ads

Lots of people spent a lot of time on FB that means they are rife with advertising potential. You can find the perfect audience that will find your advertisement relevant. You will spend a lot lesser money, while showing off you product and service to a lot more people. FB can help you to retargeting audience. You will also improving brand awareness, it help to increase revenue, sales and leads.

To understand the working of FB ads, let’s begin with the basics of good facebook ads

facebook advertising Dubai

facebook advertising Dubai

Understand the goal first

To get the desire outcome, you have to shape up your ads in a right direction. First identify your goal, for which you create an ad on FB, it can help to boost your online sale to your website, or increase the downloading apps, or to make more awareness about your products.

Set your budget

Budget is also an important aspect. When you set a budget keep in your mind the figure that you can spend on your ads. For setting the budget you have two options one you have to set a daily budget that you can spend each day, second is to set a lifetime budget that you have to set a total budget that you have to spend during the lifetime.

Infuse creativity

There are thousands of Ads which are running of the facebook platform. So divert the attention of a user towards your ads it is essential to imbue creativity in it. Try to add creative element on your ad that can make your ad stand out. To add some catchy images that can grab the immediate attention of your user.

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